CERAMICA TECLA SRL is headquarted in "Civita Castellana", city in the Center of Italy, famous for its ceramic industries.

Ceramica Tecla is a family company founded by Angelo Palamides in 1997.

Its ownership and management comes from a long experience in the ceramic industry.

Ceramica Tecla started as a showers trays’s factory but since year 2002 the owners decided to go towards washbasins production as well, because the 2 products share the same process, being both made in fine fire clay. From the beginning of year 2017 , Ceramica Tecla has stopped producing shower trays, exploiting all own resources in producing basins.

 At the present day Tecla employes about 45 people and exports to 30 countries around the world like Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia, France, Japan, Singapore, U.s.a. etc.

Since 1997 CERAMICA TECLA SRL produces sanitary ware in Fine Fire-clay through completely renewed production system adopting the mechanization of various procedures (casting, glazing, firing, etc.) which guarantees quality control of every step of production.

To ensure the highest product quality and consistency,  CERAMICA TECLA has its own testing and laboratory facilities on site. Its experts work out the production process in every single phase, from the purchase of raw materials until the final product in order to offer long-lasting quality products.

There are 2 kilns working 5 days at week with possibility to produce up to 1200 basins per day.

Concerning washbasins, Ceramica Tecla can already offer a wide range of products, all inspired to very essential shapes, but to offer an even larger choice Ceramica Tecla does not stop studying new washbasins with well known designers .


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Ceramica Tecla Srl

Z.I. Prataroni
Via Leonardo Da Vinci, 4
01033 Civita Castellana (VT) Italy
tel +39 0761 540581
fax +39 0761540585
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